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The Lower Brule Sioux Tribe Health Admin/Patient Transport Program​

 What we do: Patient Transport (PT) transports patients to medical appointments. Dialysis is one of our top priorities as we have a number of dialysis patients who need to be dialyzed 3 times a week.

Who can receive transportation: Enrolled members living on the Lower Brule Sioux Reservation. In most cases patients who have been given a referral from the IHS, or have some form of health insurance.

When do we transport: PT drivers are on cal 24/7 although most of their work is done Monday-Friday. Drivers do not have set schedules as we go by how many patients are scheduled for that day. They receive their schedule late afternoon the day prior to the patient's appointment. Patient's appointments can range from 8am-4pm, but occasionally we have patients who have appointments before and after that  time frame depending on their needs. We have two drivers who are dedicated to most after hour discharges on week days an d weekends. Our drivers work through holidays.

Where can we transport to: PT transports patients throughout the state. A number of patients each month are seen in Chamberlain or Sioux Falls, SD. We will go where the patient's health care has been scheduled.

How to schedule medical transport: Patients may call the office or call/text Goldie Never Misses A Shot or Vanessa Jimenez's phones. We prefer patients call the office during regular business hours and reach out to our cell phones upon urgent needs.

Currently: We have 3 drivers and 1 fill-in driver.

  • Patient Transport requires patients to schedule rides 2-7 prior to their appointment date to secure position on the schedule. Patients can schedule within 24 hours of the appointment date, but it would not be a guaranteed ride if we are already booked for that day.

  • PT does not transport same day appointments unless we have a driver available (open schedule).

  • PT will assist with emergencies by transporting patients to the ER.

Contact Information

Office Staff

Christine Madsen Olson, Health Administration Director

Phone: 605-222-6413


Vanessa Jimenez, Patient Transport

Phone: 605-730-2028 




Goldie Never Misses A Shot, Data Coordinator

Phone: 605-730-3307

On-call(evening, weekend)

Goldie Never Misses A Shot

phone: 605-730-3307


Lower Brule Patient Transport

187 Oyate Circle

Lower Brule SD 57548

Direct Line: 605-473-5694--Fax: 605-473-5693

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