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The Lower Brule Sioux Tribe WIA/NEW Job Training Program

The Lower Brule Sioux Tribe offers the W.I.A/N.E.W. Program to the residents of the Lower Brule Reservation as a job training opportunity to help assist the clients in obtaining basic fundamental employment tools, such as certified documents (birth certificate, tribal ID, social security card, state driver’s license / state ID) needed to apply for jobs on and off the reservation. Our tribal job training programs enforce a drug free workplace as well as higher education.


Clients who do not have a high school diploma are required to participate in the LBST/LBCC G.E.D. Program offered through the Lower Brule Community College in collaboration with the Lower Brule Tribe’s W.I.A/N.E.W programs.


W.I.A/N.E.W clients are allowed up to 300 hours of job training, 12 mos. of supportive services

Services Included: 

  • Cost of Birth Certificate, Drivers License, and Tribal ID.

  • One-time cost for prescription glasses.

  • GED Testing Fees

  • Transportation (to and from worksite/GED Testing Facility).


Fedelia Skunk, Coordinator




187 Oyate Circle 

Lower Brule SD 57548

Phone (605) 473-0984 -- Fax (605) 473-8051

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