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The Lower Brule Sioux Tribe 

Boys & Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe is a youth development program that endeavors to provide programs and services that help children thrive academically, physically, socially, emotionally and culturally while preparing them for successful and productive adulthood. The Boys & Girls Club carries out this mission through its core values of providing a safe place to learn and grow; providing ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals; delivering life-enhancing programs and character development experiences; and giving youth hope and opportunity.



The mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Lower Brule is to help youth from all backgrounds, with special concern for those from disadvantaged circumstance, develop the qualities needed to become responsible citizen and leaders.


The purpose of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Lower Brule is to create opportunities for youth in their very own place. Throughout its history, the Boys & Girls Club has focused on meeting the needs of children as they grow into young adults. The Club helps them to help themselves, to realize their potential for development and improvement, and to become responsible citizens with the skills necessary for living.

Mckayla Estes, Director 


Phone: 605-730-0223

Melissa Johnson, Youth Unit Director


Phone: 605-473-8041

Candida Estes, Teen Unit Director

Phone: 605-473-8042


LBST Boys & Girls Club

187 Oyate Circle 

Lower Brule SD 57548

Phone (605) 473-0652 

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