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Partnership for Success 

The purpose of Wawokiya O’kolakiciye (Helping Each Other), commonly referred to as Partnership for Success (PFS), is to promote sobriety and life through connecting to Lakota culture and evidence-based practices. The number one prevention factor is to learn the Lakota language.


Through this effort, Natural Helpers and Wani Wacin were founded. Natural Helpers are students at Kul Wicasa Owayawa  trained in helping skills that helps them identify when their friends or classmates are struggling.  Wani Wacin are adults that have been trained to identify community members that are struggling and connect with resources.


PFS is working in conjunction with Native Connections to implement High Fidelity Wrap Around services. PFS is also working with the whole community to implement a Society of Care.


The Society of Care is like an “umbrella” for all child and family serving intra/inter LBST departments and people (natural helpers, spiritual leaders, elder, etc.), to coordinate and integrate services and support together with guidance and direction from youth and family members receiving services. Wawokiya O’kolakiciye has led the movement for the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe’s SOC. in January of 2023, an MOU was signed by tribal programs.


Partnership for Success Staff

Program Director- Jessica Shaffer- 605-208-0047

Community Care Coordinator-Jessica Wilson

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