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Lower Brule Sioux Tribe

Community Health Representative (CHR)

Mission:  To provide quality health care services and health promotion/disease prevention services to the Lower Brule Tribal Members and residents. 


During the Covid19 pandemic, the CHR staff  have completed a 7 hour course on-line on Contact Tracing from John Hopkins in order to work closely with the Lower Brule Indian Health Service.


Our Scope of work includes: monitor patient, care, home maker service, case management, interpret, advocate and transport the patients to their medical appointments.


The CHR Program also is a worksite for the Otokahe teca Vocational Rehabilitation Program and NEW Progam.

Shirley Crane, Director 


Phone: 605-730-2027

Vacant, CHR


Jody Traversie, CHR

Vacant, CHR

Ronalda Driving Hawk, CHR/Contact Tracer



187 Oyate Circle

Lower Brule, South Dakota 57548

Phone (605) 473-5561

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