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This web space contains facts and documents related to the leadership crisis that Lower Brule  experienced between October 2014 and October 2016.  The information is presented as a Timeline of Events, a series of documents arranged in chronological order, rather than as unsubstantiated allegations.

On October 1, 2014, the Lower Brule Tribe celebrated the Inauguration of its newly elected Tribal Council.  This new Council was made up of experienced Tribal Council members and some inexperienced Tribal Council members who promoted change. The Tribal government under Michael B.  Jandreau was always willing to listen to tribal members who challenged the current ideas and had constructive suggestions for change. Accomplishing change is a slow process – not an immediate one – with much hard work, requiring all parties to be able to discuss ideas and solutions.

These inexperienced Council Members, along with a group of unscrupulous and vocal tribal members, have created political turmoil and dysfunction to undermine the Tribe.  They have done this by the constant restating and promoting of falsehoods related to actions of the Chairman and Tribal Council (using frivolous court cases and public and social media) with the intent of overthrowing the Tribal government and dismantling all processes, procedures, protocols, traditions and rules. A glaring example of this misrepresentation was the unfounded claims related to the Westrock collapse - the bankruptcy of a Tribal investment firm as a result of the global economic crash in 2008. These negative actions have not only wasted valuable resources but have reaffirmed in the press, and in the public eye, the false stereotype that Indians cannot manage their own affairs.

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