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Lower Brule Veterans


Dedicated to honoring our past, present, and future veterans.


Great Sioux Nation Medal of Honor Recipients

Great Sioux Nation members Killed In Action and/or P.O.W.    

Cold War Victory Medal

Lyman County Veterans-All Wars

World War I

World War II



Persian Gulf War



Native American Medal of Honor Recipients

America's Wars and Casualties


Veterans Affairs

We intend to see that you and our other great warriors receive all the respect, benefits, medical treatment and compensation that you have so greatly earned!

Click here for access to a comprehensive list of Veterans Services provided by the federal government

We are collecting veterans names for engraving on a granite War Memorial that will last for centuries. Countless present and future generations will remember you and take great pride in your service.  Thanks to the work of veterans in the past, we have names dating from the Indian wars of the 1800s through Vietnam to the present.  

Click here to see our Memorial designs.

Click here to see our current list of Veterans names for the Memorial


Kul Wicasa Veterans, we want to hear from you!

To better understand the needs of SD Native Veterans, all nine tribes in South Dakota and Tribal Veterans Service Officers are conducting the South Dakota Native Veterans Housing Needs Survey.

Your responses will help develop and fund programs that address veterans' concerns.

Click here to open the form. When you have filled it out, save it and email it to the TVSO Cody Russell (


Assistance and Information


Feel free to contact Josie Skunk at the Lower Brule Sioux Tribal Building (605-473-8000) or contact COL J Farr, at 500 N Meridian Ave- Suite 106 Oklahoma City, OK  73107 or COLJFARR@AOL.COM 

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