The Lower Brule Sioux Tribe welcomes you!

Discover our beautiful country in the grasslands and breaks along the right bank

of the Missouri River in the Big Bend

area of central South Dakota

Kul Wicasa Eyapaha


Lower Brule Community Newsletter

Current News/Information 

Tribal Council Meeting

May 5. 2021

Constitution Reform Meeting 

May 6, 2021

Housing Emergency Assistance 

Morris Construction Application

Sharpe Enterprises Application

Clean Up Crew Needed!

Current Job Openings 

 The CDC Lower Brule Deployment Team 

is now working in Lower Brule.

The team will assist with our response to the COVID19 pandemic, specifically:

  *   COVID-19 Vaccination
  *   Emergency Operations/Incident Command Systems
  *   Health Communication
  *   School re-opening/Health Policy
  *   Infection Prevention and Control

1/21/2021 until 2/5/2021